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Email Marketing Masterclass

JEANNE JENNINGS, Email Marketing Expert

Email Marketing Masterclass

Email Marketing Expert
Learn how to use email marketing effectively and efficiently with these actionable copywriting tips, including design & wireframe best practices for your emails.
3 Ways to Grow an
Email List
Unlock Your Email Funnel & Strategy
Write Great Email Copy (Every Time!)
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95 mins
Beginner Level
Free and unlimited access forever
95 mins
Beginner Level
Free and unlimited access forever

About this course

Jeanne Jennings is a world-class email marketing strategist, founder, and CEO at Email Optimization Shop, and general manager at Only Influencers. In this masterclass, she dives into how you can grow your email list, build the right email sequence, and write high-converting marketing emails!
With this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to leverage the power of email marketing.

By taking this course you will...

  • Grow your email list.
  • Build email sequences that actually work!
  • Structure & write the right emails for the right audience.
  • Measure your success.

Jeanne Jennings

Jeanne is the General Manager of Only Influencers, a thriving email marketing community, and the Chief Strategist for Email Optimization Shop, a boutique consultancy for email marketing performance optimization.
She is the author of the book “The Email Marketing Kit: The Ultimate Email Marketer’s Bible”.
She is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, teaching digital marketing in the graduate program.
Jeanne is based in Washington, DC, earned her MBA from Georgetown University, and is an avid hockey fan.

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