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Find a Topic and Launch Your Course Like a Pro

RACHEL RECLAM, Instructional Designer

Find a Topic and Launch Your Course Like a Pro

Instructional Designer
Learn how to choose a profitable topic for your online course, create an effective course outline, and develop the right content for your online course.
Create Your Ideal
Learner Profile
Identify Your Learning & Business Goals
Write An Effective Course Structure
Beginner Level
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About this course

Join Rachel for an invaluable lesson on how to choose your best idea and transform it into a professional online course outline! Discover her step-by-step plan to simplify the process of creating your first course!

By taking this course you will...

  • learn how to choose a profitable topic for your course
  • create an effective course outline
  • discover how to create the right content
  • learn how you can use assessments and certifications

Rachel Reclam

Rachel is helping coaches, consultants, and other creatives turn what they learn or what they know into an online course.
She has worked on dozens of courses across a wide range of industries to help companies create materials that engage their audience, tell their story, meet their goals, and be more profitable.
Rachel's approach combines experience designing courses and training materials for how adults learn best with expertise in market research and agile project management.

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What a great breakdown on getting your course content gathered! Love it!

Jessica R.

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