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Master ChatGPT: Supercharge Your Course Design With AI

ELIZA CANI, Learning Designer at LearnWorlds

Mastering ChatGPT: Supercharge Your Course Design With AI 

Learning Designer at LearnWorlds
Explore the game-changing potential of using conversational AI to completely transform your course creation process.
Access 150+ Prompts & Hacks for ChatGPT
Create & Optimize Powerful Learning Content With AI 
Save Time At Instructional Design
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70 mins
Beginner Level
Free and unlimited access forever 
70 mins
Beginner Level
Free and unlimited access forever 

About this course

Learn how to truly benefit from revolutionary AI technology with Eliza Cani’s expert advice on how to master prompt engineering for your course creation process. Get ahead of the game and start using the most powerful assistant available! 

By taking this course you will...

  • Create new course content, fast
  • Understand the role of prompts in AI
  • Communicate effectively with ChatGPT
  • Optimize your learning content A.I. “hacks”
  • Improve your output and quality
  • Save time, money, and resources

Eliza Cani

Eliza is a Learning Designer at LearnWorlds. She has a degree in Informatics Engineering and for the past few years she is teaching educators how to transform their materials into educational content for their course, while also building LearnWorlds’ own courses.
Eliza has supported hundreds of trainers and course creators to create beautiful and engaging learning materials, as well as how to deliver them effectively.

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“This course really helped me understand how to best use ChatGPT to develop and write my coaching courses.”

Kimberly J.

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