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Email Marketing For Course Creators

SARAH CORDINER, Course Creation Expert

Email Marketing For Course Creators

Course Creation Expert
Email marketing is the best method to sell your online course to your audience.
 Learn how to boost sales with email marketing by expert course creator & marketer Sarah Cordiner!
Build a Sales Funnel for Your Course
Which Emails to Send
How to Maximize Conversions
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About this course

Sarah Cordiner is a Marketing expert and Online Business Consultant with years of experience. She is also a course creation specialist, and will go through how to build your email sequence and Sales funnel via your email marketing campaign specifically for Online Courses.

By taking this course you will...

  • get a step-by-step guide to leverage email marketing for any type of online course to get maximum conversions
  • get the inside scoop about Sarah's actionable strategy with which she gained 85,000 student enrollments across 168 countries
  • learn everything about the five different types of online courses and coaching programs for course creators, coaches, and consultants and their relation to email marketing

Sarah Cordiner

Sarah created an education business that went from $0 to 7 figures within 18 months.
She is a qualified educator, course creation specialist, and online business consultant trusted by over 120,000 students in 168 countries.
Sarah has developed a step-by-step system through which even complete non-techies can build a profitable online course that impacts millions and enables them to live the life they want.
She has managed to become a world-renowned expert while also being a mum to 2 young children and running her education empire from the spare room in her outback Australian home.

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