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Master Home Video Production: How To Build Your Own DIY Studio

ROBERT LUNTE, eLearning Expert & Course Creator

✔ Mastering Home Video Production: Key Tips To Build Your Own DIY Studio

eLearning Expert & Course Creator
Perfect on-camera presentation.
Transform your home into a professional studio and produce quality videos with ease.
Discover Top DIY Video Equipment
Capture Video & Audio Like A Pro
Get Home Lighting Right!
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58 mins
Beginner Level
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70 mins
Beginner Level
Free and unlimited access forever 

About this course

Master On-Camera Presentation. Watch Our Videos, Get the Right Gear
In this course, you will learn the essential skills required to create your own home recording studio. Robert lessons will teach you how to choose and set up the right equipment to create a DIY home studio.
With the right gear, you will be able to capture high quality video and perfect audio for your business, YouTube, or online course. 

By taking this course you will...

  • Easily transform your home into a studio that produces professional, quality videos 
  • Understand the process of DIY video production and be able to plan your next steps with ease
  • Discover the types of gear needed for a professional look
  • Learn how to swiftly set up your equipment in line with your workflows

Robert Lunte

Robert is the Founder of courseCREEK, a Voice Coach and a Course Creator helping other creators develop their educational content. With over 25+ years of experience, he has taught numerous coaches and professionals how to confidently share their expertise in front of a camera.
With nearly 20 courses and hundreds of hours in front of a camera, he has mastered the video recording and presentation techniques.

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“Robert Lunte never disappoints. This is a must-take course with the best curriculum you cannot find anywhere else. Absolute best!”

Debbi T.

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