AI-Assisted Course Creation, Marketing & Sales in 16 days

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AI-Assisted Course Creation, Marketing & Sales in 16 days

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Ready for a 16-day transformative journey? Daily, you’ll unlock new insights and step-by-step guidance to craft your course. Check off the list below and dive into the accelerator content!
What's inside?
  • Daily Content: Released day by day
  • Format: Self-paced with guidance & support
  • Time Investment: preferably 3-4 hours/day
  • Practice Days: 6th, 9th, 14th (no new content)
  • Live Q&A: Thursdays 8 AM PT | 11 AM ET | 4 PM UK
  • Extended Access: Materials available post 16 days
  •  Support: Via Q&As, Community, Email

Create Your Course from Idea to Cash in AI age!

Say goodbye to technical hurdles, content structuring woes, and marketing strategy confusion. Embark on a transformative 16-day journey where cutting-edge AI tools meet expert mentorship, empowering you with a fast-tracked course development process like never before.

Refine Your Course Concept

Start with a solid foundation by honing your initial ideas into a compelling course concept that resonates with your target audience.

Develop Your Standout Course with AI

Build a course that educates and engages learners by leveraging expert guidance & AI-powered tools that skyrocket your productivity.

Design a Captivating Website & Course Landing Page with AI

Learn the secrets and craft a website and landing page with AI efficiency.

Forge a Successful Sales Strategy

Establish a robust monetization approach, leveraging proven tactics and tools to build an infrastructure that promotes sales.

Craft an Actionable Marketing Plan

Develop a marketing action plan, identifying the best channels and methods to reach and resonate with your potential students.

Execute a Soft Launch so YouHit the Market Running

Before the grand reveal, test the waters with a soft launch, fine-tuning your approach based on real-world feedback to ensure a successful market entry.

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Real stories, real success: hear from accelerator champions!

Our previous waves of Accelerator Program transformed the vision of over 5K participants into victories. Now, they're here to share their experience with you, offering a window into the transformative power of our program.
The LearnWorlds Accelerator was excellent …. I was able to use AI to create a high quality course outline for a 12 module course, and include introductory paragraphs, review questions, and action steps for each module - all within a few minutes!
Peter John Dervenis
Overall, a great course, especially the lessons on copywriting - they were very impactful I completely revised my school web pages!
Noelle Sinclair
This challenge is incredibly comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics….The advantage, though, is that it offers content for nearly every challenge you might encounter. ..  The beauty being the hands-on challenge offers a great headstart….. I express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional lessons and free resources you have provided.
Amailuk Jay
I am so impressed by the LearnWorlds platform and all it offers - and I am really impressed by the accelerator program.  I am very keen to subscribe and I am looking to recommend the platform to many others.
David Fowkes

You can’t miss the Accelerator Program if you’re a:

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Subject-Matter Expert with Course Creation Aspirations

Are you a specialist in your domain eager to elevate your course creation skills to the next level? Seize the opportunity to shape your future by transforming your expertise into a structured, market-ready online course.
Write your awesome label here.

Course Provider Building Your eLearning Business

If you’re venturing into the eLearning space with a grasp of marketing essentials, this accelerator is your golden ticket. Leverage your existing skills to build a scalable eLearning business from scratch.
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Content Creators Ready to Educate

Bloggers, YouTubers, and Podcasters, if you have been sharing knowledge through your platforms, it's time to structure it into an educational course. Elevate your content creation journey by turning it into a sellable (and scalable) learning experience.
Write your awesome label here.

Professional Trainers & Consultants

Are you a professional with a wealth of knowledge in your field and a vision to reach a wider audience? Equip yourself with the tools to scale your services and carve out a niche in the eLearning landscape.

Join the program that’s worth hundreds of dollars, for FREE.

 Inspired by LearnWorlds customers, developed by Course Masters' experts, and powered by AI tools for you to thrive.

Craft Course Concept

  • AI-led research
  • Course topic ideation
  • Defining target audience & positioning
Outcome: Your course concept

Design Course Outline

  • Instructional design methods and tips
  • eLearning content formats
  • Generate course outline with AI
Outcome: Your course outline with learning units

Develop Learning Text-based Content 

  • Create engaging ebooks and PDFs
  • Develop an ebook with AI
Outcome: Introductory Ebook/PDF for your course

Develop AI-Powered Assessment Activities

  • Assessment types and other engaging activities
  • Create assessments using AI
Outcome: Assessment, form, and certificate for your course

Develop Learning Video Content

  • Tips for engaging video creation
  • Create interactive videos
Outcome: Welcome video for your course

Practice Day

  • Reflect on what you learned during days 1-5 and put it into practice

Structure Website & Build Course Landing Page

  • Website building and branding without tech skills
  • Create a captivating course landing page with AI efficiency
Outcome: Your website draft and complete course page

Build Sales Offer & Check-out Page

  • Course pricing and product types
  • Generate and design a sales page
Outcome: Ready-to-sell product

Practice Day

  • Reflect on what you learned during days 7-8 and put it into practice

Build Your Audience

  • Lead generation tactics
  • Create email grabbers and lead magnets
Outcome: Ready-to-launch lead generation flow

Multi-Effort Email Campaigns

  • Email marketing strategies and tips
  • Email copy development
Outcome: Your email marketing plan

Social Media Management

  • Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn social media tactics
  • Social media content development
Outcome: Your social media plan

Paid Campaigns Activation

  • YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google ad tactics
  • Ad assets development
Outcome: Your paid campaign plan

Practice Day 

  • Reflect on what you learned during days 10-13 and put it into practice 

Marketing tools

  • Applicability of tags, user automations, and mass emails
  • Marketing integrations and more
Outcome: Your marketing toolkit

Ready-to-Launch & Next Steps

  • Launch checklist
  • Pre-launch strategies
Outcome: Launch roadmap & you confident to thrive

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Your 16-Day Journey to Success

 Inspired by LearnWorlds customers, developed by Course Masters' experts, and powered by AI tools for you to thrive.